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CUSTOM — We do not use fill-in-the-blanks “canned” forms for your Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorneys, or Health Care Directives; these are attorney-quality, state specific documents custom created by you on your own computer! Our browser-based software has context-sensitive question and answer screens so the software program knows the proper questions to ask based on your answers to the previous questions.

COMPLETEThe Trust Plan includes all of the necessary state-specific documents to fully create an effective, all-encompassing estate plan, living trust or will, including “HIPPA” compliant health care powers (incorporating a “living Will”) and the deeds to transfer real property.

PRICED RIGHT — Our price includes the full Living Trust Package; there are no hidden costs or “add-on” fees. There is no better living trust or estate planning product available for any price! You can pay less, but you will get what you for for!

With a Revocable/Living Trust

What our satisfied Clients say:

This is a very easy program to use. The questions were thorough and helped us remember all of our assets that we wanted in the trust. We could stop the interview process and pick up later where we left off.

Jim and Linda L., Sparks, Nevada 89436

It is so easy to use this site, it is affordable, and getting all my documents in order feels so good! Now my kids don't have the burden of decisions.

Donald D., Reno, Nevada 89511

I think everyone should have a plan in place in the event something unforeseen happens in order to save your family from having to make painful decisions at that very stressful time in their lives when they lose a family member.

Jim and Linda L., Sparks, Nevada
John R. Clarkson, J.D.

John R. Clarkson, J.D.

Hi, I practiced estate planning and probate law for twenty-six years. I am now retired and no longer practice law.

During those twenty-six years, I handled many, many probates that should not have been required if the deceased had only done some estate planning and created a revocable living trust. Please do not be one of those people who do no planning and create extra stress and expense for your children or other heirs because you did not take the time to create a revocable living trust.

If you have any questions about how this works, or you just want to make sure that I am a real person, you can schedule a call with me at no cost, or ask me a question through the Contact Us form or through Chat.