You have Successfully Purchased the Premium Trust Package!

The following steps are required to complete your Trust documents:
Click the Button below

When you click the button at the bottom of this page, you will be taken to the "New Client Registration" page.

Complete the "New Client Registration" Page

Complete Your Information section, the Package Information section (your Client Status will be Single​ and the Package Type is Trust), the Account Information section, and the Security section (type the image code).  Remember your email and password because you will need them to Login. Once the above is completed, click the "Register Your Account" button at the bottom of the page. 

Activate Your Account

You will receive an email from us with the subject line "Activation Email" sent from Click the "Activate My Account" button.

Accept the Terms of the Representation Agreement​

​After you have activated your account, login to your account by using the email and password you entered on the New Client Registration page. You will then be taken to "My Dashboard". Click on the "Accept​ Agreement" button under the "Action" heading. You will be taken to to the ​Agreement.

Read the "Legal Stuff".  Once you have read and understand the "Legal Stuff", type your name next to the "X".  Then, click the "Accept" button. You will then be taken back to your Dashboard.

Complete the Interview

On your Dashboard, click on the "Start Interview" button.  The "Start Interview" button is on the far right under the "Action" heading.

The "Interview" is the actual question/answer part of the process; this is where you customize the Trust Package for your unique situation. You will have a series of windows which will have fields to enter information (such as your personal information) and/or to check option boxes to answer specific questions. The Interview is fully "context sensitive"; that is, you will only be asked questions which are relevant to your Trust Package based on your answers to prior questions. Each window and each question has detailed instructions in the "Help" screen at the bottom of the Interview (you can "expand" or "shrink" this help screen by placing your mouse curser on the top line of the help screen and then "dragging the line up or down).

NOTE: Please turn off your "caps lock" prior to starting the Interview; otherwise, the formatting will not be correct in the final documents.

Preview Your Trust Documents

Preview your Trust Documents by clicking on the "Document Preview" button in the upper right hand corner of the Interview screen. Make any changes to your answers if required. After you preview and are satisfied with your trust documents, click on "The interview is complete" button and click "Finish" on the last page of the Interview.

Trust Documents Prepared

The software will automatically prepare your revocable living trust and all supporting documents based upon your answers.  The documents will then be verified for completeness and consistency.  If there are any questions, you will be contacted by email or telephone. 

Trust Documents Reviewed by You

A draft of your revocable living trust and supporting documents will be emailed to you for your review and approval. If any changes need to be made, please advise.

Sign Trust Documents

After you have approved your trust documents, an appointment will be scheduled for you ​to sign your revocable living trust and the supporting documents at my office.  We will provide the Notary Public and two witnesses.

Estate Planning Portfolio Prepared

We will make a copy of your signed revocable living trust and the supporting documents and organize them in a tabbed binder.

Review of Estate Planning Portfolio

An appointment will be scheduled to review the Estate Planning Portfolio and the documents in the Estate Planning Portfolio with you.

Fund Your Trust

You will be provided with instructions on how to fund your revocable living trust.

If you have any questions at anytime, please contact me at (775) 324-1111 or at or at

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